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Clinical Supervision 101 eBook


The Clinical Supervision 101 eBook is a comprehensive text providing mental health practitioners, social workers, and helping professionals a guide to assess their readiness to pursue clinical supervision, choose the best supervisor and mode of supervision, and launch confidently into an independent practice. The 17-page eBook includes various checklists, questionnaires, and evaluations to assist the process.


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Clinical Supervision 101 is an eBook dedicated to social workers, mental health practitioners and helping professionals seeking comprehensive guidance on their path to securing clinical licensure!


“Clinical Supervision 101 is a tool kit with practical resources to help mental health professionals and social workers navigate through the licensing process.

It pulls all the little things clinical interns need to know into a single book written by a professional clinician who has been there. It sure beats learning the hard way through trial and error!

Clinical Supervision 101 points out the value in being an informed, empowered participant in the clinical licensing process. The combination of these tools, clear goals, and the work needed to achieve them, increase the likelihood of success in becoming an independently licensed clinician.

This guide is a wonderful resource for students studying in mental fields or studying social work. It is also very helpful to non-licensed social workers and mental health professionals like me.”

-Melody B. Frederick, MSW, MS


With this eBook, you will learn how to:

Find the Best Supervisor for You

Connect with an experienced qualified supervisor who creates and guides you through a specialized plan aligned with your short and long-term career goals.

Determine Your Greatest Form of Supervision

Identify the mode of clinical supervision most compatible with your unique learning style that enhances your strengths and transforms your challenges.

Maximize Your Resources

Fund your supervision hours and save time and money while balancing your personal and professional obligations.

Make the Right Moves

Use the checklists and evaluations to track your licensure progress and ensure you’re taking the correct steps along the way.



1 month Coaching Package

This coaching package includes an initial 60 minute strategic session with a 30 day action plan. Also includes (2) 45-minute live coaching sessions, plus ongoing email and phone support.



3 Month Coaching Package

This session includes an initial 60-minute strategy session with a 90-day action plan including (6) 45-minute coaching sessions (2 live coaching sessions a month) plus ongoing email and phone support.